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If you have a majority of clients that weigh a lot more than you do, this may be the course for you. While two-footed techniques often catch much attention by therapists wanting to try them, there are specific reasons to do or not to do them, for both therapists and clients. This course works well to add to another Advanced course if you are a lighter-weight, more petite therapist. Two-footed techniques require a lot of practice and will be more strenuous to learn than one-footed techniques. Two-footed work is not recommended for overweight or obese clientele, and has a wider range of contraindications.

This is an advanced level course and requires current experience with barefoot massage skills.

Visit our Advanced Two-Footed course page for more information.

One-to-One Ashiatsu learning is ideal for therapists to integrate their new skills into their own, individual style and practice.

Training time and days are scheduled per individual. Tuition is $60/hour for first-time SAMBA students and $50/hour for repeat students. When you register for a class, you will be given options for dates and times, and choose the schedule that works best to suit your needs.

CE hours are earned for all hours of learning, whether it’s a Refresher, complete course, or portions of several courses you choose to learn from.

*Tuition and exact dates/schedule will be finalized with instructor after registration.

$100 deposit required to schedule One-to-One training.

Payment window appears after submitting registration form.

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