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During these past few months of change, we have decided to make a change of our own. SAMBA has moved away from the large group classes to provide a more personal, private approach to learning Ashiatsu. Looking for our Calendar of Classes? Our calendar has been removed so that you can take Ashiatsu lessons and courses when it's convenient for YOU.

What does this mean for you?

This change gives you more flexibility to learn exactly what you're interested in, all at your own pace, with your own goals in mind. Like learning to play an instrument, it has been proven time and again that taking on fewer hours of class time and adding practice time between lessons allows for much greater retention of each lesson, and ultimately greater success with this challenging-to-learn modality. All Ashiatsu lessons and courses are customized for each individual therapist. Want to take with a friend, or are you traveling to learn this modality? We have solutions for scheduling these options as well!

A Better Therapy

What is Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage?

“Ashi” in Japanese means “foot.” “Atsu” means “pressure.” In the US, Ashiatsu has become the familiar term to describe barefoot massage. No, this is not the kind where someone "walks on your back," but rather the kind where hands are primarily replaced by soft, padded, sanitized soles of the therapists feet. It feels just like a giant pair of hands! Luxuriously therapeutic. These "giant hands" are effecting deeper tissue while keeping clients more relaxed & comfortable than traditional deep tissue massage.

In addition to the increased stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, Ashiatsu offers the ability to work very specifically in more areas in about half the time as a regular hands-on massage session. The modality causes a simultaneous stretching and compression of the tissue, which creates elongation of the spine and relief of inflammation in the joints. Results simply last longer due to this powerful combination of stretching and compression.

Therapists who want to add longevity to their career and ease their every-day work load should consider adding Ashiatsu to their repertoire. Using natural gravity, keeping relaxed, and applying proper set-up methods and body mechanics will ensure Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage to quickly become a therapist's first choice modality to create better results for their clients while keeping their own body safe from career-related injuries.

Ashiatsu continuing education courses have many phases and levels. To ensure keeping themselves and their clients safe, massage therapists should take at least one Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage class per year and feel the same method of work they provide from other therapists as often as possible. The modality is covered under bo AMTA and ABMP with no additional charges like other specialty modalities may have. Our courses are NCBTMB approved and you can find us in the list of NCBTMB providers online to ensure the credits you need to renew your license and/or board certification will be met with the class you choose to take.

What are the Benefits?

  1. The most comfortable modality to receive due to the padding & strength of the soles that hands, fists, forearms, and elbows do not have.

  2. Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to create the most effective, therapeutic massage.

  3. Provides more consistent, satisfactory & desired pressure with a rhythmic delivery.

  4. Elongates the spine; creates space in the vertebral column.

  5. Creates longer lasting results and has greater effectiveness than hand work due to the gliding compression and layers reached with soft, padded, soles.

Step Into SAMBA, Step Into Success.

Why Choose US?

We've been listening! Since 2005, we've paid close attention to all concerns about taking or providing Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. Whether a brand-new beginner in class or a seasoned barefoot massage provider, we have solutions for anything you can throw our way. Extensive research & development concerning equipment set-up, body mechanics, and technique has been our number one focus over the past decade and a half. What you learn from SAMBA will enable you to provide a fluid, effective, and efficient session for every one of your clients, without straining your body whatsoever! We have solved any and every reason there has been to not practice this modality, and have eliminated the risks involved during its development years, making it easier to provide than hand modalities. We are experts in finding ways to work smarter, not harder, yet achieve greater results with Ashiatsu barefoot massage techniques. We only offer tried & true factual & statistical information. We have worked with many experts in their fields to accumulate the best possible methods to keep this modality going and growing. Ashiatsu is absolutely the most evolutionary & progressive modality to add to a Massage Therapist's repertoire. The smallest changes within the practice of this modality make the biggest impacts, resulting in longer lasting careers for therapists and longer lasting results for clients. We know the "how, what, where, why, and when" and offer that knowledge to you in each of our courses. You and your clients will experience true success with this modality when you choose SAMBA.