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Traditional Eastern Ashiatsu

Traditional Eastern Ashiatsu

NCBTMB Approved

This course covers Traditional Eastern Ashiatsu techniques provided without oils and performed over-the-clothing of the client. Stretching, range of motion (ROM), and compression are used to guide your clients into a state of relaxation and healing while proactively assisting in their own therapy. It’s also referred to as “passive yoga” for clients. Many of the techniques used in this course have been adopted from other Eastern modalities, including Thai and Shiatsu, and all the material is suitable and easy to provide using Mobile Ashiatsu Bars.

This course is ONLY taught One-to-One. Call or email us now to schedule your TEA course for 2022.

$50/hour for new students, $40 for repeat students.



  • Posterior, Anterior, and Side Lying Ashiatsu Techniques for over-clothing, no oils

  • Stretching, ROM, and Compression techniques to build a 90-120 minute treatment

  • Mobile Ashiatsu Bar information and Permanent Bar Installation Guidelines

  • NCBTMB Certificate upon Completion

  • Graduate Listing on Website

“I took the introductory ashiatsu class from Brenda at Southwest Ashiatsu almost exactly a year ago now. As a full time massage therapist at a thriving country club I cannot count the number of times I’ve looked at my schedule and thought “Thank god for ashiatsu!” Not only do I love receiving ashiatsu, but I absolutely love how it has helped me to grow as a practitioner. Brenda’s focus on body mechanics and form has enabled me to safely incorporate ashiatsu into my practice and continue to be successful over time. Her instruction was concise, focused, and practical and her wisdom was invaluable. The instruction I received at SAMBA has been invaluable to my health and growth in my bodywork career!”
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