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Advanced Two-Footed Ashiatsu

Advanced Two-Footed Ashiatsu Techniques

NCBTMB Approved
Certificate upon Completion

This course offers therapists an opportunity to utilize every ounce of gravity to assist in reaching deeper tissue with consistent pressure. Most of these techniques are designed for clients to be heavier than their therapists, but there are several that may be used in sessions where client and therapist are similar in height and weight. You will learn when, why, and how to use two footed strokes on different body types, and how and when to implement them into your practice. None of these techniques are designed to be done repetitively or used back to back. They are meant to be blended into an extended protocol, however learning them is repetitive and back to back.

The purpose of two footed strokes is to compress muscles on both sides of the spine evenly, without causing medial/lateral flexion or deep extension of the spinal column; alleviating and elongating the client’s back muscles and spinal column. There are many body-types that are contraindicated to receive these sought-after techniques, which you will fully understand through taking this course.

Recommended One-to-One Schedule:
4 two-hour lessons or 2 four-hour lessons for locals.
2 four-hour lessons for travelers.
New students $50/hour.
Repeat students $40/hour.


Click Date to Register for a 2021 Advanced Two-Footed Group Class:
>MARCH 6, 2021 in Tucson, AZ<
>OCTOBER 15, 2021 in Tucson, AZ<

This is an advanced level course and requires current experience with barefoot massage skills.


  • Introductory/Beginner/Basic level Ashiatsu and at least 50 practice sessions of Ashiatsu techniques

  • Physically capable of pulling up weight into bars; hold 90 degree bend in elbow & at waist for eight seconds
  • Must have a large percentage of clientele base that weighs forty pounds or more than you do

“I took the introductory ashiatsu class from Brenda at Southwest Ashiatsu almost exactly a year ago now. As a full time massage therapist at a thriving country club I cannot count the number of times I’ve looked at my schedule and thought “Thank god for ashiatsu!” Not only do I love receiving ashiatsu, but I absolutely love how it has helped me to grow as a practitioner. Brenda’s focus on body mechanics and form has enabled me to safely incorporate ashiatsu into my practice and continue to be successful over time. Her instruction was concise, focused, and practical and her wisdom was invaluable. The instruction I received at SAMBA has been invaluable to my health and growth in my bodywork career!”

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