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Take a course, or take a few hours.
Your pace, your time.

Due to the concern of gathering in groups, we have decided to make an advantageous change for each of you. Our class calendar has been removed so that you can learn Ashiatsu whenever it’s convenient for you, at your own pace, and however many hours at a time you prefer. Let us help you design a lesson-plan to achieve your goals.

How does this work?

Instead of sharing your paid time with other therapists, it’s you, the instructor, and a practice-guest-client each lesson. You will receive every technique you learn from the instructor, so you’re feeling exactly how the technique is meant to be delivered. Take a course, or refresh your practice with a few hours of concentrated development of your skills. Credit hours are offered either way, partial or complete.

Whether you are local to or traveling to your location of choice, we have many various scheduling options for you to make it happen in the time-frame you need. Taking lessons is more affordable than our previous private class tuition, and offers greater value by customizing each lesson for the individual therapist. (Each location sets rates according to the cost of living in the area. Tucson’s rates are listed on this website).

To begin or continue your barefoot skills, simply click “register for course” below, and to read more about the courses we offer, click “Ashiatsu Courses” below.

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Ashiatsu Courses
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What Our Students Say

“Brenda and this class was absolutely wonderful! I am very thankful that I was able to take this class and learn as much as I did. Not only was she great at teaching Ashiatsu but also made me very excited to start incorporating this massage in my work. If you are a therapist wanting to expand your modalities this would be a perfect class to take. Thank you so much!”


“See! Feel! Do! Repeat! Is not just Brenda’s motto, it is her mantra. This is one of the best trainings I’ve ever attended. The best part is my clients love the modality and my body is stronger and more at peace as a result. I will attend ongoing training with Southwest Ashiatsu whenever possible. I’m so grateful to Brenda for all the coaching and resources. She continues to follow up and provide support across state lines.”


“Brenda is a fantastic teacher. She is very thorough and explains in a variety of ways that work for every type of learner. In addition to learning the modality, you will get all the info you need in order to practice ashi on your own (proper equipment set up, tips for marketing yourself, logistics, etc.) Ashiatsu is an amazing modality and Brenda is THE person to learn it from. You can tell she is very passionate about ashi and truly wants everyone to be the best therapist they can. I can not recommend her enough!”


“Brenda is my super hero! I am so appreciative of her flawless integrity and commitment to teaching this work. I have taken several Ashiatsu courses from other providers, but Brenda’s course really framed the technique for me in a way that is light years beyond what I have previously experienced. If you are on the fence about where to start, look no further. The massage profession is changing rapidly in content and approach with the current research pointing us in a more therapeutic direction. The science is catching up with the “magic” of what we do and Southwest Ashiatsu is on the leading edge of this exciting trend. Experiencing Ashiatsu this way is like Christmas for 3 days in a row, don’t waste your time settling for anything else. Mahalo nui loa Brenda from Maui Academy of Healing Arts!”


“I took the introductory ashiatsu class from Brenda at Southwest Ashiatsu almost exactly a year ago now. As a full time massage therapist at a thriving country club I cannot count the number of times I’ve looked at my schedule and thought “Thank god for ashiatsu!” Not only do I love receiving ashiatsu, but I absolutely love how it has helped me to grow as a practitioner. Brenda’s focus on body mechanics and form has enabled me to safely incorporate ashiatsu into my practice and continue to be successful over time. Her instruction was concise, focused, and practical and her wisdom was invaluable. The instruction I received at SAMBA has been invaluable to my health and growth in my bodywork career!”


“I found learning this artistic, effective modality (Ashiatsu) was akin to riding a motorcycle: it takes time to evolve and commands deep commitment to develop the necessary skills to progress safely through levels of expertise. It’s also akin to figure skating–using both an inside & outside edge to glide with integrity. Being a motorcyclist, as well as a figure skater, it was a perfect fit for me. My soles were born!”


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