If you have completed your registration, you will have received an email. If you have not received that, please contact Brenda at brenda@southwestashiatsu.com

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    A closed-toed and lined (sherpa/faux fur) slipper/shoe is mandatory to keep feet soft, warm, and sanitary, while a pair of slip ons/flip flops are needed for when your feet have oil on them, during the working part of your session. BRING BOTH TO CLASS. Disposable flip flops are fine, but you must have clean, sanitized closed-toe shoes/slippers for class & clients. Your feet MUST be recently filed and soft as well.

  2. A Robe/Cover-up —something to wrap up in for quick breaks or getting off the table quickly to use restroom, etc.

  3. Oil/cream/lotion/gel—just 3 oz of what you use now, to try

  4. Linens—1 set of Ashiatsu linens will be supplied for you to use in class. You may use them each day and not need to bring any. If you wish to have a new set each day, you need to bring: a fitted bottom sheet, a 40" x 75" top sheet/cover, a face cradel cover, 2 hand towels, 2 king size pillow cases.

  5. Pens/pencils/Extra paper, if taking notes is a priority for you

  6. Device to record/take pictures/video—while you cannot use devices to the point of distraction, it is helpful to bring a phone/ipad/video recorder of some kind to take short videos of the demos done in class. Be sure to clear enough storage & bring a charger.

  7. Measurements of your current massage room and table: the ceiling height, your table’s lowest possible height, current working height of table, width of table, and general room dimensions (length/width of your room).

  8. Food –enough so that you can eat small snacks instead of larger meals throughout the day. It’s too uncomfortable to give or receive this work on a full stomach, especially when we have two hour sessions of each every day! There are two small refrigerators in the class room. See location details for more info about bringing food. IT IS REQUIRED to bring enough for the whole day—leaving the premises is not possible, however there is an outdoor eating area as well as indoor.

  9. Water—there is filtered water on site, but not plastic bottles. It is most convenient to have a bottle of water that you may refill, or a many bottles as you need in a long, eight hour work day.

  10. Drinks—please be wise with choices for drinks with sugars, it’s a long day each day and sugar will make you crash; everything is enhanced with this modality!

  11. Any comforts you want to have, like essential oils, and hot packs for your feet/self

  12. Expectation—know that this is going to be a challenge in many ways; expect A LOT of information in a short period of time; prepare to be on the table and working up to two hours at a time each day.

  13. Patience—for yourself, your partner, me (the instructor), and the travel-class experience in general!

  14. PROMPTNESS—If you are late to class or back from breaks, it delays the whole class. It is too difficult to not have everyone on the tables and ready to start at the same time. Please be sure to be back from breaks on time & help keep each other on schedule.

Prior to class, you will receive additional emails with more detail and updates pertaining to your class/group. Please REPLY to each of those emails so I know you received & read the information alright. Feel free to REPLY ALL to inquire with each other about sharing rides, car/lodging rentals, and/or food.