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Tucson SkylineLocation Instructor: Brenda Blakesley, LMT

TUCSON, ARIZONA — the most beautiful desert in the west! Tucson is home to five gorgeous mountain ranges and is a dry, arid land. It’s true: summers are hot! But it’s hard to notice the heat among all the beauty Tucson offers.

Tucson is a city of around 1.5 million people. Much smaller than Phoenix and 126 miles south of it. There are all the conveniences of a city here, but transportation is a bit more necessary to have plans for ahead of time since everything is true form to western cities—very spread out. Blocks are larger than on the east coast, so walking to the grocery store is not an option, especially in summer, without it taking too long to fit into your class and travel days.

TRANSPORTATION: To get around town, it’s recommended to use a rental car company, Uber/Lyft, or rent a bicycle. Walking is possible if you’re staying within half a mile of class. Tucson’s cost of living is comparatively low to the rest of the country so car rentals typically run around $25/day. It’s possible to share rides (and rooms) with other traveling or local students as well. Emails will be sent prior to class about this, so please notify me if you have an interest in requesting to share a ride or room during your class trip.


The class location is approximately 15.3 miles from the Tucson International Airport. It is in a residential home on the east side of town, at the crossroads of Pantano & Wrightstown.

The home-studio is a vacation rental, all set up for class, so it’s prepared to host you & your meals, snacks, drinks, and all your class items and other necessities for the duration of your class(es). Plan to bring your class things and leave them there for your whole class day(s).

If you’re coming in early and/or staying longer, the class location is very close to Sabnio Canyon, Sagurao National Monument East, and Mt. Lemmon. They’re beautiful destinations that people come from all over to see.

FOOD: Everyone is required to bring food to class. WHY? This modality is challenging to learn and more difficult to give or receive its work with a full stomach more so than any other! We’ll take short, frequent breaks in which snacks, small meals, and drinks may be consumed sporadically throughout the day. Most people have food restrictions of some kind, so no food is provided. Most also find it easiest to bring enough food for the entire duration of their stay on the first day of class. There are refrigerators to store perishable foods in and plenty of space for your dry goods—just be sure not to leave any on the floor or where Zeppelin, my dog, can get to them! A microwave, toaster oven, oven, and stove-top with pots and pans, utensils, & anything you need to prepare food with is available to you.

There are delis, markets, fast and not-so-fast restaurants all within a mile of class. A couple of great places for take out are Ha Long Bay (Vietnamese cuisine) and Jason’s (Mexican, right around corner). Trader Joes is about 3.5 miles from this location and also has take-away lunches and dinners. Please search the area online for your needs prior to coming to class.

LODGING: There are many hotels in the area and a few are listed below. Most students find the best deals on www.VRBO.com or www.airbnb.com. Here are a few that have gotten great reviews from recent student stays:

2-Bedroom Condo, sleeps up to 5 people
Contact the host directly to inquire about her other locations and possible discounts. When possible, she is willing to give 10% off to our students.

Other near-by properties for rent include:
7612 E Carlisto Circle, Tucson, AZ 85715 — Natalie Hua (on Airbnb)
Tucson AirBnB Eastside Serenity — Jennifer McCain (520)730-1239
Tucson Bamboo Retreat (also listed on Airbnb)
Shared home across the street: Casa Blanca de Elvin

Ramada Inn (520) 886-9595 Comfort Suites Sabino Canyon (520)298-2300
El Rancho Merlita (520) 495-0071 Radisson Suites Tucson (520)721-7100

More Luxurious places to stay include Canyon Ranch, Loews Ventana Canyon, and La Paloma. They are a bit further away, but nestled in the gorgeous foothills of Tucson and often have competitive rates and great spa-day-deals.
Things can change quickly in our world today. If any of this information is found to be out-of-date or out- of-service, please let me know! I appreciate you searching online for all of the above in addition to what is listed here. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, but keep in mind that I don’t go out to eat often or have the need to use lodging here and my knowledge of the area may not extend fully to your needs.

Enjoy your preparation & planning for class! Ask all your questions by using the “Contact” tab.