Mobile Ashiatsu Bar Set 2019



Our best design yet, now 40 pounds lighter than previous models & with adjustable bar heights. Choose the height setting that’s best for you and the table you’re using by simply moving the bar brackets up or down. The screws to hold the poles in place are attached to the unit & easy to tighten. All this, in a Japanese Pagoda-style design! Powder coated finish & fit into rolling easy-up-canopy bag.

Total height: 94” — bars adjust as high as 90” and low as 81.5” (from the floor)

Total width: 94” at base

Distance between legs at base and top: 57.25”

Total weight: 65 pounds

These sets are $1,495 with SHIPPING INCLUDED. Your deposit will have an auto-added charge of $20 at checkout that is labeled “shipping.” You will be notified prior to completion of fabrication and sent an invoice to pay the balance of $735.00 to receive your reserved set.

Expected date of shipping is May 28, 2019. Call (480)331-2744 with any questions.