Brenda Blakesley


After graduating from massage school in 2003, Brenda experienced the massage therapy field in a wellness center and gym format. Before long, the desire to move into the spa field became a short term goal to achieve and a wanted move from Utah to Las Vegas, NV. It was there, at Spa Bellagio, that Brenda’s true passion for Ashiatsu was born. Working ten hour days and feeling every minute in her shoulders and arms, barefoot massage quickly became her go-to modality. Since then, it has been an advantage to gain experience working in several different scopes of massage therapy, including with and for physical therapists, chiropractors, and yoga instructors. Within these varied methods of practice, Brenda realized the potential and expansion barefoot massage needed to reach and began researching & developing more techniques and methods, paying special attention to the equipment and set up. Today, she is happily sharing her passion and growing with this ancient modality to make it work for every therapist who wants to diversify their career, save their hands, and get better results without working as hard.

Aimee Phillips


Up until 2015 Aimee had spent her 13-year massage career in the luxury spa industry. Seeing multiple clients every day eventually caused repetitive motion injuries to her shoulder bringing her to the conclusion that she was going to have to end her career. “It was at that time that I received an Ashiatsu massage and fell in love with how amazing it felt. I came to learn that not only could I extend my career by using my feet instead of my hands, but that I could also introduce this technique to clients who loved deep tissue work.” She jumped feet first into learning Ashiatsu and opened her own business specializing in the barefoot technique. Seeing the reaction and results her clients got, her passion continued to grow leading her down the path of becoming an Ashiatsu Instructor. Being a part of the SAMBA team has fulfilled yet another dream. It is her hope and desire that teaching Ashiatsu in a safe and effective way, has as big of an impact on your career as it has hers.

Nathan Gardner


Nathan graduated from the Cortiva Institute (Utah College of Massage Therapy) in 2013. He has worked as a massage therapist at various spas including Hotel Park City and Brick Canvas Spa at Thanksgiving Point where he learned Ashiatsu in 2014. Nathan has specialized in Ashiatsu ever since and has taken many advance courses through SAMBA.

The simple efficiency and effectiveness of Ashiatsu caused Nathan’s passion for Ashiatsu to grow. More than one client reported that they no longer need a cane to walk. Other deep tissue clients said for the first time they got the pressure they needed. All the positive feedback from client after client ultimately lead him to become an Ashiatsu instructor.

He is the owner and lead therapist of The Gym Spa in Utah were his team of Ashiatsu therapists specialize in working with athletes and fitness enthusiasts.