The skills and quality of work that develop through allowing yourself to learn more at any level of practice are invaluable. Southwest Ashiatsu always offers retakes for all classes because we know how important your career and your clients are to you.


A Retake includes mandatory, full participation in all scheduled bodywork hours with optional note-taking hours. Retakes allow therapists to ask all the questions they have, participate fully in as much of the lecture and note taking portions of class as they wish, and include permission to take pictures and video.

If the first beginning level course taken was with a SAMBA instructor, tuition is $275 for the Retake. First-time SAMBA registrations for Retakes will have an additional $100 tuition ($375 total) due by the end of class.

All of our courses contain specific techniques, methods, & information that will be new to you no matter when or where you took a beginning level Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage class. Taking a class repeatedly is always a good idea! Twice per year, each course is evaluated and effectively revised to keep a consistently, updated foundation of research & development that has put Southwest Ashiatsu at the highest level of quality education.

If you're experienced with or have taken a Beginning Course with another provider, you are welcome to enroll in our Introductory Course as a Retake. There are many different techniques, body mechanics, and general information taught in all of our classes that it's necessary to enter our method with the Introductory Course at any level of training outside Southwest Ashiatsu

INTRODUCTORY RETAKE $275* ($375 if taking with SAMBA for first time)
EXTENDED SEATED RETAKE $100* (only offered to SAMBA graduates)
EXTENDED STANDING RETAKE $150* (only offered to SAMBA graduates)
EXTENDED TWO-FOOTED RETAKE $100* (only offered to SAMBA graduates)
ADVANCED PRO RETAKE $130* (only offered to SAMBA graduates)
*Registration is mandatory to Retake any course. Deposit For All Retakes $50