Beyond the luxury

We’ve all heard how amazing Ashiatsu is. From the first couple of years of providing this therapy, to the last few years of teaching it, I’ve adopted many a term to define it by. One could go on and on with adjectives to describe this unique, elite, most effective & beneficial deep tissue. (It’s so hard to choose just one)!

Beyond the luxury, and behind the closed door in our profession, there is a known fact: Ashiatsu is simply the most evolutionary and progressive modality that exists. Both who practice it and receive it know exactly what that means. It’s one thing to get through massage school with seven, eight, or even nine modalities under our belts, and know them, and grow them. Most of those modalities have a much earlier peak than Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. Why? The answer lies is the evolution of each therapist. When using feet, there is a much higher level of progress that can be reached.

It took a few days to adjust using hands, arms, elbows, palms, etc., but it may take much longer to utilize one’s feet to perform a luxurious massage that is so deep and so effective it will keep the client coming back to your table again and again. Each session, they witness vast improvement in the therapist’s dexterity, palpation, and fluidity. We recommend at least twenty practices before working on clients just for this very reason. Some may take less time, and some more, but all in all, there is no arguing that this soothing, effective modality evolves for each therapist at their own pace. Just like learning to dance, we all begin at our own level, and progress the same. Of course lessons help greatly with progress & effectiveness.

Once you and your clients have experienced the true and lasting benefits Ashiatsu offers, there is no physical reason you shouldn’t enroll yourself into one of our workshops, and save your shoulders by using your soles, (and save arms, wrists, and hands, too)! Everyone is capable, and everyone WILL evolve in their own time into a confident, fluid, luxurious deep barefoot bar massage practitioner. Keep yourself evolving in life and in your career. There is no boredom in barefoot massage, let me tell you. I have changed what I’ve done most of my life, every few years, from boredom. If I can still be as excited and in love with it as I was in 2004, anyone can! Check out class schedules on and start evolving! Even if you’re a grad, you can evolve your practice with Refreshers and Private Sessions. We’re here to help you bring more luxury, effectiveness, and reap more benefits for yourselves & your clients. Go barefoot today!

I urge you to look into stories where people who have lost their arms found ways to nurture and raise children, saddle and ride horses, drive their own vehicles, and care for the people in their lives, and themselves, with gentle tenderness, and all with their FEET! If people evolve to that level, think of what you can evolve to from the workshop you take to the 100th client on your table! It’s the most amazing feeling in the world to share with my clients: beyond the luxury, behind the closed door, there is true progress through diligence.