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Advanced Seated Ashiatsu

Advanced Seated Ashiatsu

NCBTMB Approved
Certificate upon Completion

This course is full of specific upper torso work, including the shoulders, rhomboids, and teres, and will offer great relief to clients who feel stress in their shoulders and neck. It’s the perfect way to give more and work less! Simple, easy to provide techniques will offer the greatest of benefits, and you will learn to do them all with proper body mechanics and set-up of equipment.

One-To-One Learning

Choose dates that work for you and email or text them after you’ve submitted your registration form. Email to:
Text them to: (480)331-2744. Include your name and the course or techniques you registered for.

You will be the only therapist learning; receiving work from the instructor each day; have guest clients to give you feed back when you work on them, and you can ask specific questions to them.

One-to-One learning for this course is only offered in Tucson, AZ.


2022 Advanced Seated Group Classes:
>March 26, 2022<
>May 16, 2022<
>August 17, 2022<
>December 5, 2022<

This is an advanced level course and requires current experience with barefoot massage skills.


  • Completed Intro/Beginning Level Ashiatsu Course
  • Have provided a minimum of 50 Ashiatsu sessions in a recent 6 month period
  • Have current experience using Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage on clients
“See! Feel! Do! Repeat! Is not just Brenda’s motto, it is her mantra. This is one of the best trainings I’ve ever attended. The best part is my clients love the modality and my body is stronger and more at peace as a result. I will attend ongoing training with Southwest Ashiatsu whenever possible. I’m so grateful to Brenda for all the coaching and resources. She continues to follow up and provide support across state lines.”
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