LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—Where people go to play as hard as they work. Las Vegas is home to many celebrities and boasts an active night life with plenty of ways to be entertained. From fine dining to fast food, everything and anything goes in Las Vegas. Of course, your main reason to visit Las Vegas is to Bare Your Sole!

A thriving city of almost 650,000 people within it’s boundaries, Las Vegas hosts around 42.9 million tourists a year and is surrounded by several small towns, including Boulder City. It’s a fast-paced, quickly growing town, but luckily, the class location is away from the hustle & bustle, but near enough to be convenient to visit the strip and downtown before or after your class dates if you desire. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO STAY ON OR NEAR THE STRIP due to constant construction, conventions, and unknown patterns of traffic as the city develops and prepares to welcome the Raiders.


The crossroads of the class location are: BUFFALO DR. & BELTWAY 215 WEST

Classes are held in a vacation rental home in which the 3 car garage has been converted into a training studio in the southwest side of Vegas. You’re welcome to bring all your class items and needs to leave for the duration of your class(es).

LODGING: There are multiple hotels within a mile of the class location, but the rates and amenities are constantly changing—sometimes even from morning to evening! Please check online for hotel specials and deals. 

The best recommendation for lodging is to check and for entire homes or shared rooms from $25/night and up. 

The nearest hotel is Holiday Inn Express, but it is still not recommended to walk to/from class. Inquire with them about a shuttle service. (See transportation info below).

Holiday Inn Express (877)863-4780 —ask for the hotel on South Rainbow at Patrick Lane.

Other near-by hotels include: 

The Orleans (702)365-7111 Emerald Suites (702)365-5500

TRANSPORTATION: No where in Las Vegas is it pedestrian friendly, except for the strip. Even on the strip, it is much further distance to places than it appears. Around town, it’s very hectic traffic, especially during rush hour times, which is when you’ll be traveling to class. 

Sharing rides with other traveling or local students is possible. Please notify us immediately if you’re interested in partnering up with other class mates for rides and/or rooms. You’ll all be connected via emails prior to class and asked to inquire about or request sharing with someone.

The main car rental services are about two miles from class. Every company offers good deals for daily and weekly rental. Uber and Lyft are also recommended, as taxis are very expensive in the Las Vegas area.

FOOD: Everyone is required to bring food to class. WHY? This modality is challenging to learn enough, but with a full stomach, it’s nearly impossible to give or receive, and there simply isn’t time to leave the premises and keep on schedule. We’ll take short, frequent breaks in which snacks, small meals, and drinks may be consumed sporadically throughout the day. Many people have food restrictions, so no food is provided during class, everyone must bring their own.

There is a refrigerator, stove, toaster, oven, and microwave for your convenience and use. All pots, pans, utensils, and anything necessary to prepare food is available to you at the class location. There’s plenty of space to store your dry goods, just be sure no food is put where my dog, Zeppelin, can get to it! There are multiple fast-food places and restaurants within a mile, including Fruits & Roots, Greens & Proteins, Wahoo’s, Kobe, Archi-s Thai Bistro, and Chipotle. Food is a bit above average cost in Vegas, so please search your needs online prior to coming to class. 

Enjoy your preparation & planning for class & keep in mind that many restaurants and hotels may change rates and hours too frequently to keep up with. Please search online and contact them directly with specific questions.