Ingredients for the SOLE

It’s been ten years since my soles were born, yet the learning & growth continue. Ashiatsu may be mastered by some, tried by many, and cherished by most, but baring one’s sole is a life-long journey. A process. An evolution.

As an “artist of the sole,” I have no doubt that there are many of you out there providing amazing techniques with your feet and hands, creating a magical blend of deep, therapeutic work with soothing & healing touch. One thing doesn’t make us better or worse than another—they’re just different ingredients. Years ago, I learned the best way to keep what I have is to give it away, and the best way to grow is to help someone else develop. That alone is why being an Ashiatsu instructor is so important in my life. It has filled me with so much passion; I couldn’t possibly keep it all to myself. Being called a “master” or receiving praise is not one of the ingredients my “sole” needs. I know there are many creative, Ashiatsu artists out there— I learn from them, too.

The main ingredient of this blog is humility. I’m hoping each of you reading this know, without a doubt, that I don’t ever think “I’m better” than you or anyone else. Those who know me know without a doubt that I don’t believe in “better.” We all have contributions we can make in life. I happen to have passion and desire to make some contributions in the field of massage, with Ashiatsu. Whether I’m with peers, students, clients, or friends, I won’t be heard saying “I’m better,” only that “I want to be better!” Humility keeps me wanting more—striving to learn, understand, and grow. Not to be “better”—to be whole.

As a figure skater, motorcyclist, and fitness enthusiast, I’ve learned that “mastering” something is all opinion, as is art. There will always be something or someone to look up to, and hopefully, someone to turn to. I have yet to see an Olympic skater without a coach on the sidelines, or any athlete in any sport for that matter—even as professionals—they benefit & grow from allowing themselves to be coached. No matter what we excel in, we can grow & develop so much more with guidance, motivation, and inspiration.

As I go through life, things become less “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong.” They get blended together. Pretty soon, those “bad” eggs get blended with that “good” sugar, and in the end, it all comes together beautifully! I have the opportunity to take the eggs, sugar, milk, and flour from the past seven years as an Ashiatsu instructor, and blend them into my batter. I’m not done yet—and I hope you’re not either!

The ingredients for my sole include: humility, passion, learning, sharing, patience, and most of all, compassion. For now, that’s what I have to offer. My cake is still a batter & I’m still stirring. You’re welcome to take a taste and leave your favorite ingredients behind. If you’re searching for more, I hope to share something significant to blend into your journey of the “sole.”