Go ahead, take it personally!

As massage therapists, we spend countless hours behind the closed door, over a body that we’re completely connected to, but not necessarily exchanging many words with. Maybe it’s those hours, or maybe it’s having to be so deeply connected for long periods of time– whatever the reason, our attention & concentration seems to be quite less outside of that room! Being an Ashiatsu instructor for the last several years now, it’s very apparent that as therapists, we do tend to distract easily, confuse direction, and simply process information much differently when we’re in an open, public classroom.

Vulnerable. On display. Out of your comfort zones, both physically & emotionally. In most cases, out of town, traveling. These are all words we can relate to when taking Continuing Education courses in general. But when it’s Ashiatsu, you add the fact that you’re now going to be doing what you do so well–but you can’t use what you’re used to using–your hands, and it’s beyond a whole new world!

Southwest Ashiatsu classes are smaller, with more one on one instruction than any other modality. When learning Ashiatsu, one really has to delve deep into their soul AND begin to use their soles at the same time! It takes A LOT to manage learning at such a high level, both physically and mentally–all at one time, on the spot–and while your two feet are off the ground! We love our small class sizes of 8, but realized that there are many, many therapists out there who would prefer to be the only ones in the class!

Private Workshops offer so much more one on one time that includes questions & answers, more feedback from your partner and from the additional guest clients brought in, more time to practice what each individuals needs are–not what someone else is struggling with. While there can still be distractions in any case, there are far fewer with a Private Workshop. I sure wish they’d been around for my original training!

My training was with a spa group in Las Vegas, and was so much information to absorb, that none of us left knowing it confidently and whole-heartedly, let alone, knowing the names and order of strokes! I have to admit, I have had some amazing soles in open classes, too, but those who leave a Private Workshop don’t just LOOK like pro’s when they leave, they FEEL like pro’s!

I’m proud to be an instructor and therapist of such an effective & healing modality. It gives me great joy to offer something that people CAN finally take personally & not be offended!