Licensed, professional & ethical massage therapy

Simply stated, I love my job! As an Independent Contractor, it's important to me that my passion supports my career, and my career supports my passion.

Being an Ashiatsu therapist has been a privilege and  brought so much joy to my life. I strive to share that privilege & joy by being as available, approachable, and affordable to as many clients as possible.

Thank you for your interest in exploring the world of barefoot massage. 


90 Minute   $110    (Cash/Check $100)

 120 Minute  $140  (Cash/Check $130)

Need several sessions in a row?

Ask about therapy packages specifically designed for you & the lower cost of more frequent appointments.  




To schedule your appointment, please call: 

(480)331-ASHI (2744)  

Please drink a lot of water before and after your sessions.  

Client Checklist for Aftercare 

  • Do not sit straight  up after session: turn to side, push up with hands, then stand slowly

  • No heavy lifting for 24 hours

  • Return to normal pace in due time—allow a few hours to resume daily activity when possible

  • No physical exercise/activity done at 100% effort for 24 hours (use 60% or less effort)

  • No sitting upright for more than 15 minutes at a time—this includes driving, sitting at computers, sitting at a desk. (Create circulation for low back every 15 min)

  • More than the usual amount of water: at least 32 oz in following three hours

  • Lying down, resting, and sleeping afterward is recommended when possible

  • Use of hot tubs, hot packs, hot baths is recommended, followed and ending with cold 

  • No abrupt movements that twist, flex, or extend the spine for 24 hours

  • Slow & easy stretching is recommended 

  • Deep breathing is recommended—take a few slow, deep breaths at least every 30 minutes

  • Stretching arms above head & press feet into floor is helpful—don’t lean/twist

  • Shoulder rolls and slow neck turns (chin to shoulder) are also helpful

No Gratuities Necessary.

Why is it not necessary to add gratuity? Gratuity provides a balance of income for employees of corporations and establishments. As an independent contractor, the cost of treatments has been set by the overhead and demands to continue to provide massage therapy and grow as a business. I believe in the many benefits regular treatments offer and have seen the many positive changes clients receive from it throughout the years. My intention is to see clients more frequently so they may achieve better results and attain a higher quality of life.