Advanced Progressive Ashiatsu


12 CE Hours $275

1-1/2 days - 1st day 9am-6pm, 2nd day 9am-1pm

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You will receive an official NCBTMB certificate upon completion

Prerequisites: Completed Intro/Beginning Level Ashiatsu;

have provided a minimum of 50 Ashiatsu sessions in a recent 4 month period

Advanced Pro Ashiatsu is the future of Ashiatsu. This course is Advanced and requires current experience with barefoot massage skills. It is a perfect blend of structural & clinical, problem solving techniques within a complete, precise and seamless session. Expand your skill set with modern barefoot trigger point & myofascial techniques, gain more Ashi knowledge, improve body mechanics & learn ways to work even more efficiently while increasing effectiveness for your clients.

The focus of the protocol is on the shoulders, low back and glute regions for you clients, however the entire body is worked efficiently. This course blends a few techniques from the Extended Seated & Standing courses -all techniques created in the last several years, including Cross Body Method techniques- topped off with a couple of tributes to Chavutti Thirummal and a few techniques not in either the Seated or Standing courses. It contains the most up-to-date information about draping, technique, bolstering, and helpful equipment for Ashiatsu therapists at these advanced levels.